San Luis Pass

Century Graphic, 2×3 Expired HP5+ 400 , 90mm f/270, 3 secs.
Microphen 1+0 8min. From contact print.

Second version, liquid light emulsion on heavy watercolor stock. Contact printed using digital negative.


2 comments on “San Luis Pass”

  1. ouch. pretty. as much i want to, i still can’t go back there again.

  2. Contrast and texture are the two main themes I see here. The horizontal/verticle lines of the horizon and the grasses; and the texture of the foreground grasses. I much prefer the first edition to the second. The second version loses the strength of that contrast. Firstly the second version proportions seem distored; secondly the left hand grasses are (almost) invisible, again losing the horizontal/verticle contrast. The strength of the black band is overwhelming as the photo is subtle shades of gray.

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