On the summit of Alto Relex, overlooking Sierra del Caballo Muerto



The whole point is really just to get out there, you go around first by boat, or foot – think about it for a while and then come back when you get the chance. Maybe you do, and you forget later what was so interesting about the whole thing to begin with – wondering why you went so far out of your way. Eventually, you start to question your own attempts to rationalize, give meaning to through some expected purpose.

The whole thing gives you a chance to learn a more simple reason than that of any ideas you had. It’s just a lot of fun to wander, when you can.

About Me

I am a software architect by trade, Chief Architect and Co-Founder of a network security company located in Houston, TX. My studio and home are a fairly empty warehouse located in downtown Houston. Photography for me is a part-time hobby and full-time obsession. I’m not obsessed with lighting tricks, lenses, particular films, post-processing techniques, or any of that, but instead with photography as an emotive form.

That each image should capture an emotion, a feel for the ramifications of being a person in nature, or nature being its self with the presence of people, is the ultimate goal. For this reason, I shoot primarily (for/in) black and white. The focus is on tone and concrete composition.

It’s been said that I have too many hobbies, and that may be true – but for the most part, they revolve around a consistent theme of being out-of-doors. I spend at least a day each week, weather permitting, on the coastal flats, bays, and marshes by kayak — hunting for fish or for photos.

Rambling About Equipment

I’m a recent convert to digital, but I still like my film. Some of the equipment I use, with varying regularity includes:


Pentax k10d

Pentax 645

Sears/Ricoh KS Super


Pinhole — zero-image, polaroid, and all sorts of home mades

Century Graphic 2×3


Many and sundry, none of any particularly “pro” quality.

And Etcetera

Enjoy the photos, if you like; let me know what you think – even if you think it can be improved.

Galleries, etc. can be found at dronecolony.com


11 comments on “About”

  1. What mods did you do to the camera to take NIR?

    Did you do it yourself or did you have it done?

    Thanks for the info.


  2. Your studio link and polaroid link on the right side menu point to the same place.

  3. Tim, with the K10D I have performed no modification, I just use an R72 filter and long exposures (30s+). They come out great that way, without making the camera unusable for normal shooting.

    Also, the reason why the links point to the same place is because they are category limits, and right now the only image posted in those categories are the lily image.

  4. Hey, I ran into you in Catalina Coffee last Saturday (me == big guy, wearing brown sweatshirt probably), and after reading your about me section, I figured I should say “hey”.

    I’m also a hobbyist photographer (you can see some of my stuff on my photoblog or on Flickr or or or…), but I also do security software (well, appliances right now, technically) professionally, which I don’t see very often around here.

    So anyway, send me an email if you get a chance… hopefully leaving this comment will get you my address.

    I love the prints at Catalina, BTW… they make me want to do fine art printing at home. Right now I send all my prints out to a local lab (very good, but not the same as tuning a print yourself at home on great papers, etc.).


  5. I saw your shot of Chilicotal Boulders at Catalina and was wondering where you shot that. A very nice picture. It resembles the boulders at Hueco Tanks in El Paso, but I have never heard of “Chilicotal”. Just wondering where it was and if there are many more boulders there. Thanks

  6. Hi Nate – thanks for stopping by! Chilicotal mountain is in Big Bend National Park, near the intersections of the Glenn Springs and Black Gap back roads. There are a number of boulders around the mountain, from landslides and such, but most aren’t as large as these (these were about 10′ tall, IIRC). Here’s a link with GPS coordinates: http://www.mountainzone.com/mountains/detail.asp?fid=2875356

    Thanks again.

  7. I would like to use your White Lily Image. Could you please contact me so I can discuss this further with you.


  8. Hey there!

    I thought you may be interested in being a part of this photo contest Aaron Brothers’ is sponsoring. The theme is “Show us your America” which is obviously pretty open to interpretation, but we thought you’ve got a lot of great stuff, so may want to be involved. Let me know if you plan to upload a photo and we’ll be sure to flag it for the features section, as well.



  9. Hello,

    I have recently discovered your work in connection with openmoco.org, and my own pursuits regarding the cinema.elphel.com where I contacted Sebastian who was very generous and showed interest in contributions from my part in the future (in terms of shooting a sensorial film that I am preparing the technology for, in my Ph.D and providing feedback), which is related to creative possibilities in terms of Arduino, OpenCV and Expanded Cinema. Although admittedly a different direction in terms of a moving-picture, do you think it would be possible to exchange ideas and info regarding perhaps a collaboration or experience, as I must admit your approach is of great interest to me, and therefore would very much like to get in touch, -even from far (Lisbon, Portugal).

    Thanks for your time, look forward in hearing from you and would also like to thank you for the ‘vision’ you have not only pushed further, but most importantly shared!!


    • Andreas,

      Sorry for the slow response! Yes, I am familiar with the great work Sebastian is doing! It would be easier to communicate with me on the forums over on openmoco.org or via email at church dynamicperception com.


  10. Hello. I ran across your blog while looking for information on the Twisted Shoe campsite at Big Bend. I was suprised to find a few commonalities. 1) Living in Houston – you, me and only about 4 million other people can claim that. I live NW and work downtown 2) Big Bend – Made my first trip over New Years. I loved it. I’ll never get to go back as often as I’d like. 3) Pentax – Not too many Pentax shooters around. I started with a K1000 in the early 1980s and am currently shooting with a K-5. I see you have a K-7. I have one too which I need to put on e-bay to recoup part of the cost of the K-5. Anyway, I’m glad to find your blog, if for no other reason than to see some of your Big Bend Pictures.

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